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Jul 26 2013

…ha ha. Coming soon.

Want to get your fill of print yaoi? Now’s your chance – Akadot is holding a “post-AX 2013 thank you!” sale! Until July 29, you can enter the coupon code postax2013 and receive 15% off any purchase of $60 or more. That could add up to a lot of fantastic yaoi! brings digital fans countless new titles to enjoy, including a superntural love story, plenty of new Weekly Astro Boy Magazine for the Tezuka fan (which should be mostly everyone, by the by – even the resident fujoshis here have fallen in love!), and yaoi classics like Earthian and Love is Like a Hurricane! And if you love webcomics or our indie offerings, we’ve got plenty of new submissions for you to enjoy!

And for all our yaoi fans — next week is 8/01, affectionately known as yaoi day around these parts. Stay tuned for more sales, giveaways, and man on man fun in the days to come!

A Dark Fable of the Forest: “If 90 out of 100 cases are scientifically explained, the remaining 10 persist as mysteries surpassing human knowledge.”When a story about the supernatural takes reporter Alyssa Thompson into the Dark Night Forest, she and her co-worker Nick are accosted by strange forces. Are the culprits mere men, or something more sinister? As Alyssa seeks the truth behind a series of weird and unnatural mysteries, she repeatedly crosses paths with the enigmatic (and handsome!) Chevalier Bayard Gran d’Or and his strange young companion, Pineau Rouge. Will they lead her to the 10 percent of cases that are truly supernatural? And how does Chevalier always know where she is and what her heart secretly desires?

Earthian, vol. 4
: The secrets of the Black Cancer and the Angel’s long-time examination of the Earthian finally comes to light…and the consequences are not what anyone ever expected. Chihaya is distraught when he discovers just what Michael has been hiding from him, and becomes withdrawn. But in the end, the consequences of Chihaya’s relationship with Kagetsuya may probe to be even more disturbing! As the Angels prepare to invade Earth, Elvira and her cohort of Black Angels ready their defenses. Chihaya and Kagetsuya must finally decide where their loyalty lies-and if it even lies with each other anymore!

Love is Like a Hurricane, vol. 2-5
: Student council president Azuma is gifted with
intelligence and looks, but when it comes to relating to people, he is a little slow on the uptake. His relationship with Mizuki got off to a rocky start when he molested him one morning on the train to school – his idea of a “confession of love,” but Mizuki’s idea of a nightmare! However, Azuma is nothing but persistent, and with a little push, the two have “successfully” started dating. So you would expect things to be progressing smoothly…

Weekly Astroboy Magazine
: Often hailed as the “God of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka draws stories of life, death, and morality His compilation of stories touch upon sci-fi, history, crime, politics, romance, but always raises questions on the human condition and reflects the ambiguity of morality.
Jul 19 2013

Rize Shinba’s Juicy Cider and Shiuko Kano’s Priceless Honey are now available on Akadot — great for those of you who love stacking your selves with beautiful yaoi in hardcopy! Click the covers to grab a copy today!

Additionally, if you experience trouble with an Akadot order, please email customer service at servicemaster[AT]akadot[DOT]com! Our Akadot staff is aware of the packing mistakes that were made on several orders in the past couple weeks and will be fixing any problems that are reported to them. Thank you for the patience while we get this sorted out!

Jul 12 2013

Thanks for the patience everyone, now that the convention craziness has subsided, we’re back to bringing you your regularly scheduled digital yaoi! This week we’ve got love stories that are a little melancholy, love stories that are packed full of boysmut and crossdressing, and the digital return of a out-of-print favorite, Love is Like a Hurricane, vol. 1!

And if you haven’t heard, we’re also swimming in Tezuka goodness lately. Last week at Anime Expo, we announced a joint venture with Tezuka Productions to bring classic manga fans digital versions of the God of Manga’s entire body of work (sans those already published, of course)! In the weeks to come we hope to announce more details on this exciting development, and who knows – we might even look into printing more Tezuka in the future! On top of that, we’re happy to say that for those of you who backed our Kickstarter Project to publish Triton of the Sea, we’ve begun sending out vol. 1 of Triton this week! Keep an eye out for updates and let us know ASAP if your shipping address has changed!

Finally, we’d like to extend a big thank-you to all the fans who came out to see us last week at AX. Whether you dropped by the booth or braved the epic Anime Expo lines to come to the panel, you made our Anime Expo fantastic! Word is one of the panels got filled to capacity… W O W !

Boy Evolution: Teen pop idol Mizuki Asoh has a secret that only his management knows. He’s actually not a teen at all, but a grown man with a youthful face and body who is the father of a teenage boy. How this all came to pass is revealed as his son matures and searches for a sense of identity. Is this deception all the selfish ploy of an egocentric man, or is there some other reason at play? Growing up is hard, but so is parenting, and perhaps unconditional love is before them both, unseen…

Love is Like a Hurricane, vol. 1
: Getting your breasts or butt grabbed on a train in Japan is a common experience for some women. So when Mizuki finds himself getting molested first things in the morning on the way to school, he can’t believe it. Worst, the perpetrator isn’t a nasty old man, but the school council president, Azuma! When Mizuki gets called to the student council office later that day, he plans to tell Azuma how he really feels about the morning’s excitement and demand an apology. What he gets instead is a confession of love! Can Azuma convince Mizuki that they are a match made in heaven? Granted his courtship technique could use a little work-telling your beau you like him because he reminds you of your dog doesn’t score you that many points-but Azuma isn’t above using his skills in bed to weaken Mizuki’s defenses

Prince and Butler
: Hajime’s sister has hired a second butler for her maid café, and this “Prince” is seriously cramping Hajime’s style! Must he be so beautiful?! Hajime quickly loses popularity, while Prince doesn’t even notice the heart-eyed lady customers! What, or who, is Prince looking at? Hajime is feeling a strange sensation….Come check out the menu at this café—their specialty is a sexy love comedy soup of cross-dressing, bondage, and other delicious ingredients!

Sink Into You
: Love? Family? Belonging? Takata tells himself he doesn’t need them; a gay man like him can’t have them.Seno despises shameless Takata. Whenever Takata enters the coffee shop, Seno grits his teeth, barely manages to greet him, and tries not to think about how Takata destroyed his boss’s marriage. But Seno makes a horrible assumption: he pins the cruel heart on the wrong man. His strong feelings morph into something more complicated than disgust. Can Seno convince Takata that creating a family doesn’t rely on being “gay” or “straight”?With her stark, dramatic line art, isino aya strips humanity to its basic needs. Men break into pieces on their way to wholeness in the intelligent, interconnected stories of SINK INTO YOU.