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Apr 26 2013

If you’re a fujoshi and you, somehow, haven’t heard: Ai no Kusabi, vol. 8 has arrived at Akadot! Yes, that’s right, the stunning conclusion to Rieko Yoshihara’s yaoi classic is finally in print! Right now you can ONLY get it on Akadot, so don’t miss your chance! Grab yourself a copy here!

Our digital releases this week lean towards the dark and the thrilling. Diabolo offers yet another look into a perilous world of good and evil, while Magician heralds the return of everyone’s favorite stage magician and sometimes detective, Ryuuichi. Meanwhile, if your tastes run in more of a yaoi vein, then TORIMAIA’s Sadistic Boy 3: When I Wake Up, I Wish You Were With Me is sure to satisfy your need for rough, sexy bondage play.

And don’t forget to check for even more digital selections of the adult variety, including new idol photobooks and the digital edition of Ring x Mama, vol. 1, Joji Manabe’s hit hentai about women’s wrestling that isn’t afraid to hit below the belt!

Diabolo, vol. 3: Rai has fallen to the Diabolo! Ren ventures forth in an extremely risky effort to save his friend, but standing in his way are the Six Great Spirits. When these spirits converge, the world will be on the threshold of cataclysmic devastation! Is there anyone on Earth who can survive this ultimate struggle between good and evil?
Magician, vol. 4:It looks like Yukari is following in Ryuuichi’s footsteps. When Ryuuichi is incapacitated, she and her girlfriends step up and dazzle the audience with their sleuthing and wit. Watch as they use their cute little noggins to thwart the terrorists hiding out in London. And what’s this about Ryuuichi’s inheritance?!
Sadistic Boy 3: When I Wake Up, I Wish You Were With Me: Mamiya has Sarasa in his clutches. When Kazunari finds out what Mamiya has done, he sacrifices his dignity to save Sarasa and to expose the true Mamiya to the Principle. Meanwhile, Haruki sees the going love between Sarasa and Kazunari as something that will not include him. But while he makes a decision to leave them, Kazunari and Sarasa can’t stand to be without him. Will Mamiya realize that he is the odd one out, and will Haruki realize that he is very much wanted by both of his boys?
Apr 25 2013

“…when I’m with Iason, my head spins and I can’t help it.”

Riki, the Ceres slumdog, has a new cage: Apatia, the place where the elites of Midas hide their mistresses—and their human pets. Iason Mink has allowed Riki to live in Apatia under the watchful eye of Katze. Determined to earn a measure of freedom by working as Katze’s assistant in the underground again, even while remaining Iason’s sexual pet, Riki tries to leave the past behind.

But unknown to him, forces are at work that will make this impossible.

Word is leaked to Bison that Riki has been spotted in Apatia, and once Guy hears this, nothing will stop him from going after Riki. As the Bison members reunite to try to take back their former leader, Guy makes a final desperate attempt to turn back the clock—to change things back to the way they were when Riki and Bison ruled the streets of Ceres.
And what happens next—changes everything forever.

Rieko Yoshihara’s dark yaoi saga comes to an unforgettable climax in Ai No Kusabi, Volume 8.

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this classic story, available now on Akadot!


Apr 19 2013

One new eManga release and a whole slew of new books for our fans on Nook and Kindle make up this week’s digital releases. And just as exciting — have you heard? Osamu Tezuka’s psychedelic classic, Barbara is nominated for an Eisner Award! DMP would like to extend heartfelt thanks to translator and editor Ben Applegate, letterer Evan Hayden, cover design artist Matt Akuginow, and every one of our Kickstarter Backers for helping bring this one-of-a-kind title to print!

The Cat in the Box: One day, shy high-school boy Kazuo Matsui comes across an old cardboard box with a litter of stray kittens inside. It is there he has a chance encounter with Kitahara, an antisocial elementary school student. Even though he seems unapproachable, Kazuo finds the boy intriguing. He adopts a kitten and hatches a plan to become friends with Kitahara. Soon, Kazuo finds the simple friendship transforming into something deeper. Is it love? Does Kitahara return Kazuo’s feelings? Find out in this exciting love story from the versatile mind of Sumako Kari!

Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk
Kindle | Nook

Love Club, vol. 4
Kindle | Nook

Magician, vol. 3
Kindle | Nook

Sumida River Love Suicide
Kindle | Nook

Your Gentle Hand, vol. 1
Kindle | Nook

Your Gentle Hand, vol. 2
Kindle | Nook
Apr 12 2013

This week’s digital releases included Velvet Kiss, vol. 3 by Chihiro Harumi and a fantastic spread of other hentai manga — want to see the dirty stuff we’re bringing you this week? Click the cut and replenish your hentai stash!

Apr 5 2013

It’s not digital, but no one would object to a cute unicorn…would they?! Unico has arrived, and if you didn’t back the Kickstarter (or if you really want another copy to share!), never fear! You can grab yourself a copy now at Akadot Retail!

In the digital realm, there’s a bit of something for everyone this week. Ever thought Twilight just didn’t have enough yaoi? Check out Dark Crimson and a Shadow of White from TORIMAIA, the author of the steamy BDSM series Sadistic Boy. Prefer a sweet, quiet high school romance with a dash of baseball? Check out Silent Voice from Atsuki Kyoyama. And if you don’t want to get any of that gooshy romance into your vampire action, we’re releasing Vampire Hunter D. vol. 7 digitally, before it hits store shelves in May! So check out this week’s releases, try something new, and if hentai’s your sort of thing, head on over to the hentai section of eManga for early digital releases of Love on the Job, vol. 2 and our first uncensored title, LoveHair!

Dark Crimson and a Shadow of White: Longing for his lost humanity, the vampire Endless faces eternity alone, save for his faithful familiar, the wolf, Soosa. Fate caused the pair to briefly encounter a bright eyed youth, and a connection was forged. Four long years later, the youth is now a young man and ready and willing to leave his brother to become Endless’ companion. Rei’s brother is not so keen to let him go, however, and swears to get him back at any cost. Vampire hunters, Endless’ own jealous sire, and personal guilt inducing regrets are all complications added to the unforeseen outcome of Rei’s turning. Is Rei and Endless’s love true, and can it overcome all obstacles to become the stuff legend whispers of?

Be sure to check out the next upcoming title in this series, “Dark Green and a Dream of Silver”!

JIVE: Himuro stumbled upon his classmate Tsuzuki’s secret hobby… playing with fire! Taking advantage of the situation, Himuro decided to blackmail the model student so he could make his secret (wet) dream come true. Unsuspectingly, Tsuzuki turned the tables on Himuro and started playing with fire on him instead!

Enjoy this unique, sexy, fun collection of no-holds barred love stories from Rize Shinba!

Obey Your Secretary!:When Masatsugu’s father spontaneously decides to travel the world, Masatsugu is forced into the role of company president. The plus side is that the secretary assigned to him is Shiroba, the man he’s madly in love with. But Shiroba only seems to see Masatsugu as his boss instead of as a potential lover. If Masatsugu pulls a few strings, he can win Shiroba’s body. However, Masatsugu isn’t quite as in charge as he thinks he is.

Obey Your Secretary! features three short stories of strong and confident secretaries who use unconventional (and sexy) methods to whip their bosses into shape. Also included are two stories of sweet office romance. It’s not always a bad idea to get your meat where you make your bread!

Silent Voice: Meet Hikita. Small, awkward and quiet, he’s the runt of the high school baseball team. His habitual glare scares off everyone – everyone, that is, except Imai, star of the baseball team. Hikita’s fierce dedication to baseball earns him Imai’s friendship and respect…and perhaps more than that, as the two spend quiet evenings alone after practice in the club room. Atsuki Kyoyama’s unique style and delicate touch fills every line of Silent Voice with emotion so tender you’ll lose yourself in Imai and Hikita’s struggle to understand and accept their blossoming romance.
Taimashin, vol. 3: Akamushi the Red Spider Exorcist has found an abundance of monster filled mayhem during his travels. Now in Japan at the Kurosawa family residence, he not only encounters a bullied school girl that he feels may one day make him a fine wife, but an ancient family curse. The Laughing Face is anything but fun and games, as its demonic minions wreak murder and mayhem across the centuries, affecting the Kurosawas and anyone else within their family domain. The enemy may be many, but they haven’t yet faced off against anything like Akamushi. Who will prevail and who will go the netherworld?
Vampire Hunter D., vol. 7: In a fleeting last breath, a beautiful woman on her deathbed hands a strange gemstone to D and asks that he deliver it to her sister in a remote North Sea fishing village. As D cuts across never-ending expanses of Frontier in search of his seaside destination, he is relentlessly attacked by wave after wave of mercenary and monster…all employed by the man who murdered the young girl. In order to grant a dying wish, D must find a way to keep this priceless jewel out of everyone’s covetous reach, and all without sacrificing his own life!
Your Gentle Hand Vol. 2: A tragic childhood accident left Mitsuki Etou with the mysterious ability to read others’ minds with just the touch of her right hand. Though this ability has long kept her feeling isolated from others—especially men—an unlikely partnership with wealthy university student Kazuhisa Kitazono may be just the thing she needs. But is Mitzuki’s association with Kitazono putting her in danger? This volume also includes the bonus suspense story “Blind.”
Apr 3 2013


Digital Manga, Inc., one of the manga industry’s most progressive and innovative publishers, is excited to announce that Genki Life Magazine will now be available at their digital ebook storefront, Genki Life Magazine is a free, digital magazine published quarterly by the Genshiken of the Inland Empire fan club that provides entertaining and informative content on anime, science fiction, video games, events, and more.

Since the fall of 2010, Genki Life Magazine has been publishing its free fan magazine under the simple objective of fostering an active community of anime fans. Genki Life Magazine offers convention coverage, reviews and recommendations, features on industry trends, and more. Genki Life Magazine‘s mission and target audience makes it an ideal addition to eManga, enriching eManga’s catalogue with high quality fan-generated content.

Completely free, back issues of Genki Life Magazine are currently available for online viewing and digital download in our seven unique ebook file formats. Go directly to: ( )

Visit us at and sign up for the eManga newsletter to get all the latest updates!

Apr 3 2013


Want to gain paid experience in the manga industry? Want to pick up new work after JManga’s closure? Join Digital Manga Inc.’s Digital Manga Guild as a translator, editor, or letterer! We’ve revolutionized the way manga is produced and distributed outside of Japan, and we want you to be a part of it!

Anyone is invited to join us at, from the most experienced localizer to a fan looking to get their foot in the door. Right now, we especially welcome localizers from JManga who are looking to continue their careers in manga localization. Fear not, rescue has arrived! We’re happy to offer JManga localizers the opportunity to jump straight into new work!

So what are we looking for, exactly? Japanese language translators, editors, and letterers who can join us as individuals or as complete “teams.” All you need to do to get started is register online and select the screening test you want to take. Are you a veritable jack of all trades? Are you not sure which position you’d fill best? No problem: you can take multiple tests! We’ll review your test results and as soon as you’re approved, you can start working on digital titles that are sold through eManga, Nook, Kindle, and countless other digital distribution platforms! Localizers, the Japanese publisher, and Digital Manga, Inc. will be all paid via a revenue share program.

Do you really just want to read a whole bunch of great manga online? Everyday fans of manga won’t be left out in the cold, either. The best place in town to grab digital manga is still open and welcoming new customers every day! Change the J to an E in your address bar and head on over to our library features hundreds of the best titles, with files you can download and take wherever you go. Best of all, it’s yours to keep – now and forever, until the end of time!

Apr 3 2013


Looking for a one-stop shop offering the latest and greatest in manga of all genres? JManga might be closing up shop, but’s doors are wide open and welcoming new customers every day! Our digital library, featuring hundreds of the best titles in yaoi, hentai, shonen, shojo, and idol photobooks, is growing every day – and when you buy a title, it’s yours to download and own, forever and ever, until the end of time.

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