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Mar 22 2013

Looking for some fantastic yaoi titles to read over spring break? This week’s digital round-up delivers two sure-to-please books to your doorstep with Shushushu Sakurai’s steamy workplace romance, Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk and Marino Nomo’s The Pain in My Heart, a heartwarming tale of love, duty, and boys who stumble into your life like stray cats. And if you don’t run with the fujoshi crowd? We’ve got some quality josei for you, with the first volume of Takako Shimura’s quirky slice-of-life title, Happy-Go-Lucky Days. And, as usual, if you were waiting to grab something from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Free Soul and Torio’s Diary are available there this week!

And if you really want to try something new? This week we’ve added American comics from Heroic Publishing to the eManga library!

With so much going on in the world of digital manga, you might be wondering if eManga’s download-to-own system works properly with your tablet or e-reader – and rightfully so! You can find out by downloading our free sampler pack in your file type of choice and take our system for a test drive!

Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk: Hard-working finance employee Takashi Gojo didn’t earn the nickname “Fire Hawk” for nothing — he’s strong, tough, and fiercely passionate about his work, but that doesn’t stop things from heating up even more. Life gets complicated for Gojo after a steamy one night stand, or rather, the next morning when he finds out that his mysteriously alluring partner was actually his new boss, Shuichi Miyagi. Stumped and off his game, the questions and paperwork start piling up for Gojo. Will he be able to figure out what happened to his previous boss? Will he be able to get past Miyagi’s icy gaze and warm the man’s cold heart with his own fiery desire? Or has the famous Fire Hawk finally been shot down?
Happy-Go-Lucky Days, vol. 1: A young woman going through a divorce finds a kindred soul in a bar one night and wakes up the next morning in his bed. On the opposite side of town, a boring high school teacher is met with a startling confession and an equally unexpected encounter with his family. A lonely girl who lives with a ghostly house guest meets the (living and breathing) man she could be destined to marry, while twin boys who don’t quite see eye to eye encounter love and lust in the most unexpected of situations. Take a moment to sit back and watch life through the eyes of these ordinary people, a series of happy-go-lucky days colored by intersecting lines of sex, love, and longing.
The Pain in My Heart: When Kousei Matsumoto finds a a man apparently suffering from heatstroke alone out on the street, he takes him despite his better judgement. The young man is a mystery with a scar he won’t explain, and the only clue to his past is the whispered name “Mori.” Despite this, Kousei finds his heart becoming entangled, and the pair forge a fragile relationship. When the past literally comes knocking at his door and the truth of the young man’s true identity comes out, Kousei comes to a decision that literally tears the pair apart. But is it the right choice, and can the lonely, waif-like stray face his past and forge a future that includes Kousei?

Free Soul
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Torio’s Diary
Kindle | Nook
Mar 15 2013

The Ides of March might be upon us now, but there’s the good luck of St. Patrick’s Day just on the horizon — and on right now! From now until March 18th, you can get a lucky 7% off any eManga purchase when you use the coupon code LuckE7 at checkout! Good timing, too, especially for shojo fans. New shojo titles abound, with volumes 4 and 5 of Planet Ladder, the continuing adventures of Ryuuichi the Magician, and more! Check out this week’s new eManga, Kindle, and Nook releases below the cut!

Mar 1 2013

A slew of new releases for our Nook and Kindle using fans fill out this week’s Digital Round-Up, along with some hot S&M yaoi, epic sci-fi action, and a mystery manga with a josei twist!

And if print books are more your thing, drop on by out warehouse sale next week, where we’ll be clearing out old inventory. Most books will be going for $5 or less, so don’t miss out if you’re in the Los Angeles area! Location, sale hours, and other information can be found here! Can’t wait to see you there!

And now onto the books – there’s a long list this week, so check it all out below the cut!