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Jan 25 2013

New books on eManga, and new books on Nook and Kindle — and there’s something for everyone, too (including some “before you can buy it in print” hentai not listed here…)! Looking to take the new’s files for a test drive before you buy anything? Check out our preview sampler, 100% free, and find out what file type works best for your digital reader or computer of choice!

Sleepless Nights: Sure, Miyabi may work in a neighborhood where men like to cruise. That doesn’t automatically mean he’s into guys, too! But what happens when a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger turns his world upside-down? Will Miyabi have the courage to make up his mind about what (or who) he truly desires?

Sleepless Nights creates plenty of the kind of delicious tension that’s made for tossing and turning! Should surprise roommates find a way to keep their relationship strictly platonic? Or will they succumb to sweet pressure and explode in a fit of passion?

Diabolo, vol. 2: When a little girl named Mio wants to save her brother from violent beatings, she turns to Ren and Rai to put an end to the brutality. However, it all might just be a prelude to greater violence. Seventeen-year-olds all around the world have been receiving the same message: “My name is Angel. I’ll save you.” But will this mysterious message really lead to a savior, or to the doom of them all?
Vampire Hunter D, vol. 6 (Japanese language edition): バンパイアハンターD 6 聖魔遍歴
Vector in Love (TOO HOT FOR KINDLE): When admiration just isn’t enough, get ready for some hot loving!

A gamer meets his fantasy man plus one; a hot-and-cold boss pursues his employee; a renowned chef gobbles up his man; a writer brings his naughty stories to life; a young man gets lucky in more ways than one; childhood friends heat things up on vacation; a tea master seduces his love with a special blend; and a sports doctor uses his magic fingers for all kinds of happy endings.

A trademark look into Rika Akira’s world, you’ll find laughs, action, and of course, the express train to love!

Pure Love’s Sexy Time (TOO HOT FOR KINDLE): What do animals do in the spring of their lives? The mate! Wildly!

Four mischievous friends have met their match: their own hearts! Now that they’re older, the only troubles these country boys find make them moan and pant. Kou-chan wants to confess to Kishi, but he’s full of heart-pounding doubt over Kishi’s response. Mitsuru, the serious boy pining for a lost love, is ambushed by Tarou, an obtuse, air-headed sadist, full of devotion for his darling. And who is this tall boy, beating everyone up yet shooting flowers out of the panels? Somebody needs to figure out his body language.

Psyche Delico comes out to play… all over the pages of PURE LOVE’S SEXY TIME!

Moonlight Kreuz, vol. 1 on Kindle & Nook: Gen Tsukiomi appears to be a normal high school student but there is more to him than meets the eye. So when his old caretaker asks him for help in protecting his current charge, Hikari Kuze, Gen wonders what is going on. Besides being a ditzy junior high school student, is Hikari like Gen, with a secret of her own? In what often feels like a comedy of errors, Gen tries to figure out who is after them while struggling to maintain his quickly dwindling control over the situation. As if that wasn’t enough, a new romantic rival appears! But which one of them is he actually after?
Facing the Incoming Wind on Kindle & Nook: When we meet Makoto and Kei in “Love Soul”, they’ve already known each other for years – now see how it all began!

Makoto and Kei met at a biker-gang gathering. The free-spirited and feisty Kei quickly became Makoto’s ideal. By the time both of them entered high school, they had become inseparable friends who always did everything together. But as girls begin to pay more attention to the two and to question Kei’s public displays of affection towards Makoto, can Kei continue to keep up the facade of mere friendship? How will the more traditional (and somewhat clueless) Makoto deal with Kei’s love confession?

In “Facing the Incoming Wind”, Kouko Agawa paints the world of tough guys who love blazing through life on their motorbikes with the wind in their faces. However, they discover that facing a similar storm in matters of the heart is not as simple.

Find out what happens to this adorable couple with opposing natures in “Facing the Incoming Wind”!

Jan 18 2013

The digital round-up is back for another lovely installment! As always, eManga is bringing you tons of great titles. So if you see anything interesting (and I promise you will) in this blog post, head on over to eManga, and get your own digital copy! We got cool Magicians and sexy girls and boys, you name it, we got it. Got some traveling to do over the long weekend? Then why not grab a few of these awesome titles to read to keep you entertained on those rides that can get a little…boring? We’ve got action, drama, romance, and comedy, anything you want. Check out our preview sampler, 100% free, and find out what file type works best for your digital reader or computer of choice.

Magician Vol. 2: The always debonair Ryuuichi the Magician has left American and returned East, only to be assaulted by his adoring fans and mysteries so deep that they will squeeze the living brain juices out of you. In “When the Pale Moon Shines” Ryuuichi must steal away a ballerina from the oppressive country she lives in. But will he be able to stay so graceful when ordered to kill or lose the person he cares about? In “Picture Scrolls of the March Burglar”, Ryuuichi is visiting Japan! He sees the sights, does the whole tourist thing, and tries to steal a priceless Bodhisattva statue. Once he finds out the truth behind it, however, can he steal it without losing his life? And why is there blood on the floor?

Don’t Tell My Husband Vol. 1: Because Minano has spent her entire life sheltered by her wealth and parents, she has seldom experienced the hardships of everyday life. Nothing changes after her marriage to a wealthy CEO, as she is still spoiled shamelessly by her husband. Why then, would she try and break into said husband’s company to steal a heavily guarded opal necklace? Or why, when she’s held up in a bank robbery, would she take matters into her own hands to thwart the robbers? Is she really who she seems? Does one high-heeled madam with nerves of steel even stand a chance against gun-wielding criminals? Just who is this sheltered wife? Find out in Volume 1 of Don’t Tell My Husband!

Get! Vol. 2: Hino Ryosuke is on top of the world. Class president Kaonji Kyo, the most beautiful student in school, is his lover! Each day brings them closer. Each time they make love, Kyo shares more of himself. Their growing intimacy makes Ryosuke think about their lives beyond college. But then, there is a campaign of threatening letters and blackmail photos. It seems that Ryosuke just gets a handle on that when rumors spread at school that he is making extra money as a gigolo! Even Kyo seems to think there is something to those stories. It seems that things can’t to get any worse for Ryosuke. That’s when Kyo’s handsome and accomplished cousin returns from studying abroad determined to come between the two. Enough is enough! No one who wants to take Kyo away has reckoned on a determined Ryosuke in love!

Jan 11 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up is back again, and this week eManga is bringing you new digital hentai (link 18+), new idol photobooks (some content 18+), one fantastically shiny fantasy title from DMG, and three digital editions of some of our new BL favorites! Looking to take the new’s files for a test drive before you buy anything? Check out our preview sampler, 100% free, and find out what file type works best for your digital reader or computer of choice!

Love Makes Everything Right: When Mizuha applies to a suspicious job posting, he’s welcomed into the position by Satake, the cool yet unquestionably shady company secretary. Suddenly Mizuha finds himself working for a company that peddles “adult goods” while the enigmatic Satake tries to get into his pants at every turn. What’s Mizuha to do when he’s at Satake’s mercy?
Caramel: Adorable Iori is off to Tokyo for university, and he’s got to find a place to live! When he quickly sniffs out a sweet (but strange) deal on an apartment with an older roommate, he can’t believe his good luck. But will Iori soon discover that life in the city has plenty of other surprises in store?
Ninth Life Love: 6 years ago, Koharu lost his beloved cat, Dorasuke. There is not a single day that goes by that he doesn’t think of his cat. One day out of the blue, he meets a guy and turns out that it’s Dorasuke! God gave him a second chance to be with Koharu – and this time as a human! But there is a catch- God made him a promise that he must keep… if he breaks the promise, there’ll be consequences…
Wild Knight: Knight of the Seal: Izumi is no ordinary high school girl- she’s also an excorcist in possession of a “wolf stone.” Sometimes, the wolf stone shows her a vision of a horned young man, a vision that always stirs her heart with emotional pain. One day, she is attacked by a supernatural creature and the mysterious young man makes an appearance to save her. When he murmurs, “I’ve finally found you, Princess of the Heavens,” the destiny sealed within Izumi begins to stir and a legend of the heavens is revealed to have crossed time and space to once again come alive. Will these starcrossed lovers heal an ancient rift within the heavens and find their happily ever after?
Jan 11 2013

unicoshirt1 atomcatshirt1 18x24_poster_unico-sm1

The t-shirt, poster, and sticker designs for our Unico/Atomcat/Triton Kickstarter have arrived, and as you can see from the poster and t-shirt designs, our graphic designers really put the cute into overdrive this time around! As some of you may remember, the Kickstarter goodies are exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign, and unlike the books, they won’t be headed to retail shelves. What does that mean for our fans who want the unicorn goodies but didn’t get the chance to chip in to the original Kickstarter campaign?

That means we’re giving them a second chance to pledge towards Unico’s publication, of course! Simply head on over to our New Unico Backer survey here, give the new backer information a good read, and then fill out the form to let us know what you’d like to pledge towards!

And if you’re a current Unico backer who didn’t originally pledge towards the t-shirt/stickers/shirt? We’ve got you covered too! Head on over to this form if you want to raise your pledge level or add a t-shirt/poster/sticker set to your existing pledge! Curious about shirt sizes? Check out the sizing chart here.

Upgrades and pledges close on January 23rd, at 5PM PST. Don’t miss your second chance!

This is the last stretch, guys — Unico will be headed to Backers at the end of February, and on his way to stores at the end of March. It’s so close we can feel the soft, fluffy unicorn love!

Jan 4 2013

Welcome to 2013 and the brand spanking new Weekly Digital Round-Up, featuring all the latest titles from our newly revamped! This week we’re bringing you four new BL titles from DMG along with the first volume of Diabolo, an older series that gives manga fans a glimpse of the terrifying and supernatural. Looking to take the new’s files for a test drive before you buy anything? Check out our preview sampler, 100% free, and find out what file type works best for your digital reader or computer of choice!

Love Connect: Kouki’s twin older brother, Keiki, has decided to work as a part-time waiter during one of the most important summer of their lives! Worried about his sibling’s college career, Kouki decides to take matters into his own hands. But when he goes to the café, Kouki realizes the manager is GAY?! What does this mean for him and his brother? Will Kouki be able to get out of this dilemma, or will things only get worse? Also, see what happens when the Internet-famous “Kazushi” finally decides to face his real life terrors…
Diabolo, vol. 1: Something extra-wicked this way comes! Ren and Rai play with fire when they sell their souls to the demon Diabolo to save Ren’s cousin. Diabolo gives Ren the power of ultimate offense and Rai the power of ultimate defense. However, those who fall into the Diabolo’s trap start to go crazy at 17, and at age 18 they reach the point of no return…
Daily Fiction: Riku Shiraishi and Tooru Yatsu are childhood friends. Yatsu loves him, but their relationship has always been forced. Just as Shiraishi starts to realize how Yatsu really feels, he loses all his memories in a car accident. How will their love end up?
Love and a Sin: Harada and Shibata were an unlikely couple in high school, and on a whim made an even stranger promise to meet each other again 30 years later. After graduation, Harada seems to have all but forgotten their promise. Now he spends his days as police chief keeping an eye on a Chinese mafia boss with a familiar face… Against all odds and logic, Shibata ends up back in Japan exactly on the date they promised to meet. Can Harada find him in time and catch the criminal who stole his heart? Or will his high school sweetheart rob him blind again?
Self-Portrait: “Wanna make a bet with me? If I manage to run into you one more time within a week, you’ll agree to model for me.” With that, up-and-coming photographer Kiwamu Izumi scouts high-schooler Takahito as his model. Assuming he’ll never see Kiwamu again, Takahito takes the bet, but then the two meet again at school! Takahito is repelled, yet simultaneously finds himself gradually attracted to Kiwamu…