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Nov 16 2012

Another week of releases has come and gone: this week, more Ze, more yaoi, and the continuation of an old shonen favorite! You heard us, Erementar Gerade, vol. 13 has arrived, the first new installation of the series!

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Still catching up on Erementar Gerade, or prefer your manga a little more…BL-ful? Then check out our newest print releases, now available at Akadot Retail!

Ninth Life Love (Yaoi)

6 years ago, Koharu lost his beloved cat, Dorasuke. There is not a single day that goes by that he doesn’t think of his cat. One day out of the blue, he meets a guy and turns out that it’s Dorasuke! God gave him a second chance to be with Koharu – and this time as a human! But there is a catch- God made him a promise that he must keep… if he breaks the promise, there’ll be consequences…

Ze, vol. 5 (Yaoi, Restock)

“I need to live” … is the only reason why I’d get on my bended knees to beg in front of unsophisticated, vulgar and obscene man. Upon death of his master, Kami-sama, Moriya was about to become “white-paper,” but he chooses not to and instead calls on Ryusei. But Ryusei refuses to acknowledge his existence and made himself impossible to make any kind of spiritual connection. Can the two overcome strain of unspoken spiritual connection?

Nov 14 2012


Today we would like to announce that effective January 1st 2013, the print editions for our DMP, June Manga, DokiDoki and 801Media imprints will be placed on a temporary hiatus. Please be advised that none of our licenses are cancelled, simply postponed. We will be resuming the distribution of our print editions in June, 2013. This hiatus will allow us to coordinate our production schedule for 2013 and temporarily shift our focus to our digital publications.

I am sure our fans are shocked by this announcement, but I would like to extend my gratitude for their continuing support and patience. In the mean time, if you have any questions, I can be reached at: contact (at) emanga dot com

Hikaru Sasahara

Our updated release schedule can be viewed below:

Nov 12 2012

New books have arrived at Akadot, and guess what? They’re in print! That means they take up real space on your shelf, are made of real paper, and, well, are here to bring you real yaoi action! Whether you’re in the mood to catch up on everyone’s favorite “men’s health” doctor, or would rather read about adorable boys on their ways in and out of college, we’ve got you covered. For real. (Well, the books are for real. The men, sadly, are not. Someone really needs to fix that.)

Caramel (Yaoi)

Adorable Iori is off to Tokyo for university, and he’s got to find a place to live! When he quickly sniffs out a sweet (but strange) deal on an apartment with an older roommate, he can’t believe his good luck. But will Iori soon discover that life in the city has plenty of other surprises in store?

Caramel concocts a perfect parfait of delicious romantic tension, hopeful daydreaming…and plenty of homemade pudding! Can a busy, bossy exec and a bubbly student successfully share a home? And just why is one of ‘em so scared of the dark?

I’ve Seen It All, vol. 2 (Yaoi)

Now that Dr. Chihiro Saikawa has the stunning Ayumi all to himself, he can’t wait to bring him unbelievable pleasure! But what happens when a new hospital intern shows up with an incredible gift all his own? Will Ayumi measure up…or meekly surrender his position?

I’ve Seen It All matches a gifted physician with his ideal mate in a case study for passionate romance! When the stresses and strains of a life in medicine begin to take their toll, this sweet couple must quickly rise to the occasion…or risk losing their once-in-a-lifetime connection!

Love Makes Everything Right (Yaoi)

Mizuha can’t accept control of a massive company a year after college graduation…can he? His interviewer—the sly, seductive secretary Satake—seems to think he’s the perfect candidate for the job. Is Mizuha’s humdrum life about to get unbelievably exciting?

Love Makes Everything Right proves that surprisingly great fortune sometimes lands right in your lap! Can a young man negotiate the ins and outs of business deals and a budding romance? When the time comes to sign on the dotted line, you’ve got to be in total control.

Nov 9 2012

We only have one new digital title this week, but never fear, there’s always next week, and there’s always our new print books! This week we bring you Naoko Momoyama’s “The Name of Love” and the exciting return of one of our most popular 801 series!

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And grab Yuki Shimizu’s Ze, vol. 1, 2, 3, and 4 here on Akadot Retail!

Nov 2 2012

A healthy helping of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s masterful horror novels, absurd yet sexy yaoi action by Psyche Delico, and the sequel to a popular 801 title are all headed your way this week! And don’t forget to keep your eye on during the month of November. We’re revamping the site and rolling out a mess of new features (including downloadable digital books!) and sales, so make sure your bodies are ready!

Nov 2 2012

Despite his size and his super cute looks, Takase is a secretarial force of nature and the star employee at his office. His invaluable skill set makes him the perfect man to whip his boss’s lazy, good-for-nothing son into proper salaryman shape — until sticky things like love and feelings get in the way!

Miki Araya, the mangaka behind this sweet, sexy office romance, was able to spare a few minutes of her time to give us a quick interview. Read on to find out more about Secretary’s Job and Araya-sensei’s work!