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Aug 31 2012

This week’s digital round-up brings Hideyuki Kikuchi and shojo fans their fix with digital editions of Yashakiden, Maohden, Demon City Shinjuku (the complete city, not just a Demon City suburb), and Planet Ladder! Happy reading!

Aug 28 2012

Even if the temperatures are rising outside, you still can’t say no to some yaoi that’s a little “hotter” than the rest! Hunker down in your (hopefully climate controlled) reading cave of choice and dig in to some of our newest “Too Hot For Kindle” titles, available on Nook and NEW DRM-free WOWIO PDFs!

That’s right, did we mention that you can get all our digital titles as DRM-free PDFs on WOWIO? Because you totally can — that means that whether you like to read manga on your computer, your Kindle, your Nook, or your tablet, you have full access (yes, even you international readers!) to our full digital library, dirty dirty yaoi and all! Yes Kindle owners, that means you can now have all the books Amazon won’t allow in their own Kindle Book shop — find out how to transfer PDFs to your Kindle (gen. 2 or later) here!

Looking for more “Too Hot For Kindle” titles? Check out our past features here and here! Click on to see this edition’s list of hot, hot titles!

Aug 23 2012

Is Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos? The Tyrant Falls in Love pits a research superstar “against” his smitten assistant and watches as they frolic and fight their way through a truly combustible relationship! Every couple encounters a speed bump or two on the road to bliss…but what happens when you can’t stop hitting the brakes?

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Aug 10 2012

It’s shojo week here at the digital round-up! From heroic student teachers to mythological gods and old favorites on new digital platforms, we’ve got it all here for you! And as an extra bonus, the round-up now features easy access to our WOWIO PDFs — one click and you’re staring at the buy button! Give ‘em a test spin if you haven’t already, they’re DRM free!

Aug 9 2012

Our Digital Manga Guild Members have been hard at work bringing you the very best in digitally distributed manga — check out the fruits of their stunning labor: over 100 titles to sink your manga-loving claws into! These titles are available on, Nook, Kindle, and most excitingly, through WOWIO as DRM-free, downloadable PDFs. DMG books are now more accessible and portable than ever! Grab a few if you haven’t already, it’ll be well worth your time!

Aug 7 2012

This past week we’ve got a couple exciting new fujoshi favorites in stock at Akadot: one by fan favorite CJ Michalski, and the other the long awaited 7th installment of Rieko Yoshihara’s yaoi classic, Ai no Kusabi! Don’t miss out on all the great reads in this stunning conclusion to YAOI WEEK!

Riki is back in Eos and under Iason the Tanagura Blondy’s power once again.

Under the watchful eye of his new furniture Cal, Riki endures being a captive again as best he can. Ignoring the hateful glances and whispers of the other pets in the salon, Riki escapes to the tranquility of Eos’s garden where he can relax alone. But Riki’s fragile peace is shattered by the reappearance of a singular Paradita hybrid—a pet of unusual breed—who is obsessed with a certain slumdog.

Meanwhile, Riki’s old friends Guy and Luke find themselves in a dicey situation. Kirie’s betrayal and Riki’s disappearance from Ceres force Guy to seek information from Zico, a mysterious data broker in the dangerous slum wastes of Nier Darts. Will the answer lead Guy to Riki—or to a truth about the Guardians and Eos that will shake Riki’s old Bison members to their core?

The Paradita’s obsession with Riki reaches a devastating climax and Iason Mink is forced to take action. Riki’s captivity reaches a new level of depravity as Iason proves once and for all that Riki completely belongs to him—mind, soul and body.

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When bar owner Tamaki finds a bruised and battered stranger in the street, he’s instantly won over by the man’s sad, soulful puppy-dog eyes! But will this instant attraction only spell trouble? What happens when kindness suddenly turns into something just like love?
The Man I Picked Up shares the sweet and sour sides of romance in stories filled to the brim with humor, hang-ups and hot connections! Can a desire to cut ties with a painful past help passion blossom? And who gets the last word in an all-out fight for their feelings?

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Aug 7 2012

Expanding the manga library on Apple’s iBookstore, Digital Manga jumps in to add their backlist of digital content to the ever-popular App on iTunes. Digital Manga titles can now be found under the Comics&Graphic Novels/manga section on iBooks.

Digital Manga’s titles are optimized, fixed-layout ebooks for the iBookstore, which are also designed to allow you to jump to the other side of the book to start your reading in the right-to-left eastern reading format common for reading most manga—combined with iBooks’ superb reading interface, this gives customers a richer experience whle reading manga on the Apple iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. Download the iBooks app, ( ) available for free in the App Store.

“We like to accommodate Apple’s high standards, so we handpicked the best selection from our back list to launch our titles on iBooks.” – Fred Lui- VP Publishing and Digital Content

Digital Manga titles will include selections from the DMP, Juné, and DMG imprints and are priced between $2.99 – $12.99. For a direct link to all Digital Manga books available on iBooks (through iTunes) click here, or go here.

The following 25 titles are now available:

Vampire Hunter D vol.1-6

Itazura Na Kiss Vol. 1-2

Let’s Draw Manga – Fantasy

Let’s Draw Manga – Using Color

Erementar Gerade Vol.1-12


Hush A Bye Baby

Late Advent vol.1

· For a web browser listing of available manga, including Digital Manga titles, go to the following link which will take you to the manga section under the Comics & Graphic Novel category in iBooks: BooksComics & Graphic NovelsManga :

A listing of available manga on iBooks (from iTunes), including Digital Manga titles, can be found here.

Aug 6 2012

Gardena, CA (August 6, 2012) Digital Manga Inc., one of the manga industry’s most unique and creative publishers, is proud to officially announce the distribution of their digital library on Wowio.

Wowio, an Alliance Acquisitions, Inc. company, is a unique ebook marketplace that stands apart from the crowd by offering significant advantages to readers, authors, publishers and advertisers. With their wide selection of ebooks ranging from children’s books, crafts & hobbies and fiction & literature to textbooks, they are no strangers to the ebook business. Additionally, their ebook storefront includes a dedicated category for comics & graphic novels, showcasing over 150 comic book publishers and their ebooks.

“It’s a pleasure to be one of the first “manga” publishers to not only break new ground in mainstream ebook marketplaces, but to also sit alongside our American comic book counter-part brothers. One of Digital Manga’s mottos is “continue to evolve”; that is why Wowio is such a fitting partner for us.” – Fred Lui- VP Publishing and Digital Content

Over 240 o Digital Manga’s titles are now available for download as PDF files on Wowio, including: DMP, Juné, 801 Media and Digital Manga Guild books. Prices range from $2.99 to $12.99. Select titles include: (DMG) Betting My Life With You, Blooming Darling vol.1-2, Career Gate ; (DMG Hentai) Three-Star Ladies, Vulgar Darling, Mature Diaries ;(DMP) Vampire Hunter D , Erementar Gerade, Itazura Na Kiss; (Juné) Flutter, Duetto, Blue Sheep Reverie, Kiss Blue; (801 Media) King of Debt, Black Sun, A Fallen Saint’s Kiss.