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Jun 26 2012

In a dazzling five days, we reached our Unico Kickstarter goal of $20,500 – the outpouring of love and support for the little unicorn was touching to see, and all of us here at Digital Manga would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who chipped in to the Kickstarter Campaign. Whether you pledged $1 or $100+, you helped us bring one of Tezuka’s beloved children’s books to the English-speaking world!

As promised, we’ve revealed part two of the Kickstarter: a chance to license yet another children’s manga by Tezuka. While not as well-known as Unico, this title guarantees the same adorable character and the same all-ages appeal:

atomcatlogoTezuka fans, meet ATOM CAT! The troublesome feline pet of an Astroboy fan, one fateful day Atom Cat and his owner are hit by an alien vehicle. In order to rebuild Atom Cat, they scan his owner’s brain and find images of Astroboy – thus, Atom Cat’s body is rebuilt with Astroboy’s powers, and the kitty goes on to become earth’s tiniest hero! We’ve added plenty of new Atom Cat rewards to the Kickstarter campaign, including stickers, a digital companion, and an exclusive Atom Cat shirt, so if you’d like to snag this book on top of Unico, now’s your chance! Atom Cat will be available for retail next year as an A5 trade paperback for $12.95, and clocks in at about 200 pages of adorable manga.


Jun 26 2012


Join us at this year’s Los Angeles anime extravaganza — Anime Expo 2012!

For all your import product needs, as well as the latest DMP, June, and Project-H releases and news, drop on by the Akadot booth at space 1330. Our Akadot team’s got some great deals and giveaways in store for the convention, and we’ve got a slew of new licenses to announce, some of them some popular fan requests! Drop on by the booth every day for a new book announcement and a new deal!

If you’re in the market for our full array of yaoi and BL books, drop on by the Moe Moe Paradise booth at space 349 – they’ve got their own set of special convention deals waiting, plus all the doujinshi and other yaoi goods you can shake a stick at! Drop on by to say hi to some of the Yaoi-con staff, stay to grab yourself a healthy fix of BL and yaoi goodness!

For all the latest AX news and live coverage from the convetion, follow Digital Manga on twitter @digitalmanga — see you all there!

Jun 22 2012

This week DMG brings you Keiko Kinoshita, Yugi Yamada, josei titles, and one steamy yaoi that’s too hot to upload to Kindle! Check ‘em all out this weekend!

Dolls Don’t Cry Kindle | Nook
It’s Only Love Kindle | Nook
A Night of a Thousand Nights Kindle | Nook
Second Night of a Thousand Nights Kindle | Nook
Tie Me Up With Your Love Nook
Touch Blue eManga
Would That Not Be The Case eManga

Jun 21 2012

Right on the heels of our Barbara Kickstarter project (which production is going fabulously on, by the way!), Digital Manga is proud to bring you the newest initiative to publish classic Tezuka manga, one that will give you the opportunity to bring a beloved children’s tale to print in FULL-COLOR:


Unico is a little unicorn who possesses the magical power to help those who love him. His story begins in the Greece of mythology, with Tezuka’s take on the story of Psyche. In his version, Unico brings great happiness to the mortal Psyche, who in return cares for him and loves him. But the goddess Venus is jealous of Psyche, tricking her and ordering Zephyrus, the West Wind, to kidnap and banish the unicorn to someplace far away after wiping his memory. Before Unico can spend too long in one place, Zephyrus returns to carry him away again.

Tezuka originally drew Unico for Lyrica, a glossy magazine published by Sanrio, the company that owns Hello Kitty. That magazine was in full color, which means Unico is one of the few Tezuka manga to be created in color from the beginning. Publishing manga in color is difficult and incredibly expensive, so almost all of the editions of the Unico manga in Japan are in black and white. In fact, the color edition has been out of print in Japan for years.

But we’d rather treat it right.

We want to publish Unico in a single volume in full color. Want to help us do it? Hop on over to the Kickstarter Project!

Publish Osamu Tezuka’s Unico in Full Color!

Jun 19 2012

Adorable and super-talented Takase is the star secretary of his company! His reputation’s been built on his amazing ability to make anyone he works with a success…but what will happen when he’s assigned to the lazy son of the big boss? Can a prodigy improve the reputation of a handsome slacker?

Secretary’s Job works overtime to prove that good-looks and charisma go a long way in the workplace! It’s lots of fun to tackle meetings with the company’s best employee, but will a professional relationship cross the line once sweet, surprising feelings come to light?

Get it @ Akadot Retail!

Jun 8 2012

Good news, everyone….and we really mean it! We promise! This week volumes 1 to 12 of Erementar Gerade went live on Nook and Kindle! Check out volume 1, or pick up wherever you last left off for shonen sky pirate goodness! Also new is Momoko Tenzen’s Flutter, available digitally and in print on Akadot Retail before you can get it anywhere else! Yaoi fans, don’t miss it!

Jun 4 2012

For the triumphant return of Pop Japan Travel tours, we’re proud to bring you all something triumphantly delicious: The Gourmet Course! Add it on to your basic Alpha + Omega tour package and we’ll cover the food bills for you, all while taking you on a tour de taste of the best Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka have to offer. Want a sampling of what the Gourmet Course has to offer? Click on to see the delicious food porn we have to offer!

Jun 4 2012

We’re pretty sure most fujoshi know about The Tyrant Falls in Love, the story of love-stricken Morinaga and his angry, no-homo senpai Souichi. It was a great honor to get the chance to ask Tyrant creator Hinako Takanaga a few questions to celebrate the recent release of vol. 6 of her series! Check out her shout-out to all of her English-speaking fans!