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Apr 30 2012

Digital Manga is proud to announce the licensing of three exciting new BL titles for our June and 801 imprints!

Ayan Sakuragi’s Deflower the Boss (Uchi no Shachou wa Cherry Desu) and  Kairi Shimotsuki’s A Century of Temptation (Izanai: Hyakunen no Koi) have been licensed for print releases under our June imprint – keep your eyes peeled for release dates!

Our third title, Naomi Guren’s The Incredible Kintaro (Masaka no Kintaro) has been licensed for print under out 801 Media imprint! Release dates will be announced soon!

Apr 30 2012

After over a year on hiatus, the original pop Japan tour provider is back! And we’re celebrating with our most far-reaching, adventurous tour ever! Our return tour will include something for everyone: anime and manga fans, street fashion addicts, Japanese TV and music lovers and, of course, gourmets with a taste for “washoku!”

Here are a few of the things we’ve got planned:

  • MANGA:

    Meet manga artists for an intimate look at their process, and if you’re an artist yourself, you can even sell your work at our booth at Comitia! We’ll even head to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, to see how the modern medium got its start.


    Hear how Tokyo’s innovative fashion scene came to be with tours of Shibuya 109, La Foret and other big sights from local experts, then work with our professional photographer to produce your own version of Japan’s influential street fashion magazines.

  • ANIME:

    Yes, there’s the Ghibli Museum and Akihabara – and you can bet we’re going there – but PJT goes deeper, with a visit to a working anime studio and the chance to meet some of anime’s all-time greatest artists.


    See Japan’s theatrical culture from every angle, with a show by the world-famous all-women Takarazuka troupe, a taste of traditional stagecraft in Osaka and a late-night burlesque that blends equal parts kabuki and Vegas.

  • FOOD:

    For the first time, PJT will include the option to buy meals with the tour group. We’ll serve you up everything from staples like sushi and ramen to exotic regional cuisines and well-kept secrets.


    Enjoy an interactive private tour of Kyoto, one of the world’s great ancient cities, including a hands-on calligraphy experience in an authentic Gion teahouse, a picturesque outdoor feast over the Kamo River and temples nearly as old as the imperial line itself, set against some of the nation’s most elegant and beautiful wooded vistas.

Yes, all of these things will happen on the same tour. We want to celebrate with the ultimate Japan experience!

So mark your calendars! PJT’s triumphant return begins Aug. 29-Sept. 7!

Apr 27 2012
  • Even Say I Love You Kindle | Nook
  • The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers Nook | eManga
  • Indefinite Sociogram, vol. 2 eManga
  • L’Etoile Solitaire eManga (FREE!)
  • A Lovely Day With Yuri-Sensei (Yuri-sensei, vol. 2) eManga
  • My Boyfriend the Mad Dog Nook | eManga
  • What? Sensei Nook | eManga
  • Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well (Yuri-sensei, vol. 1) eManga

This week’s digital releases also include new additions to’s hentai selection, and many new titles on the DMP apps on for the  iPad and Android. New DMP App titles include: (some titles may be unavailable on the iPad app):

Amorous Women of the Floating World 1-3
Erementar Gerade 1-10
Fantasy Paradise
Itazura na kiss Color 1-2
Let Me Help!
Love Soul
Maohden 1
Mature Diaries
Moon Centaur
My Boyfriend the Mad Dog
New Real Sex Stories 1-2
Nude Moments
Real Sex Stories 1-3
Secret Lives of Housewives
Sentimental Garden Lover
Three star ladies
Tokyo Prep Dorm: Study Hard!
Touching the Night Stars
Treasure 2
Undergrand Hotel 1-2
VHD 5 manga (French edition)
VHD 6 manga (japan edition)
VHD novel 6-15
What? Sensei
Yashakiden 5
Apr 26 2012

Now available from Akadot Retail, Starry*Sky, vol. 1 by Haru Minagawa, and The Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 6 by Hinako Takanaga!

As an extra bonus, we’ve also restocked Dog x Cat, vol. 1 and Finder, vol. 2! Grab ‘em while they last, the restock is in limited quantities!

Buy Now:

Starry*Sky, vol. 1 | The Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 6

Dog x Cat, vol. 1 | Finder, vol. 2

Apr 26 2012

To celebrate the recent release of Replica, vol. 2 and Countdown 7 Days, vol. 2, we got the chance to speak briefly with the mangaka, Kemuri Karakara, and find out a bit more about Karakara-sensei’s thoughts and tastes!

  • There are a lot of characters with cool outfits in COUNTDOWN 7 DAYS. Who’s your favorite to draw?
    Hanasuke. He’s full of emotion and energy. I was able to dress him up in a variety of fashionable apparel as well.
  • How about your favorite character to draw in Replica? :D
    Shirahime. I enjoy drawing girls because it’s a good change of pace from drawing bad boys all the time. lol.
  • Why did you decide to draw a manga about the underworld and the after life?
    The fear of death sometimes really bothers me since death is absolute nothingness. That concept really freaks me out. I hope that the afterworld is as fun as the world we currently live in so my wish is expressed throughout the series.
  • There’s a lot of fantasy and fairy tale themes in your manga! What’s your favorite fairy tale?
    I love all fairy tales but my favorites are “The Little Mermaid”, “Snow White” and “Aladdin”.
  • When did you first get interested in drawing manga?
    3rd grade Elementary school. My entry point was anime but then later expanded to manga so I started off mimicking drawings.
  • Apart from yourself, who’s your favorite manga artist?
    Kazuhiro Fujita. He is my idol.
  • Do you listen to any music while you work on manga? What’s your favorite band or artist?
    Yes and I also listen to standup comedies. My favorite Japanese bands include UVERworld, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, and RADWIMPS. I also enjoy music by Bon Jovi and BIGBANG, a boy band group from South Korea.

PS: If you haven’t checked our Karakara-sensei’s books, you’re missing out. You can grab previews of Countdown 7 Days, vol. 1 and Replica, vol. 1 on – they’re both series guaranteed to sate your shonen manga craving!

Apr 23 2012

Digital Manga is proud to announce the DMG continuation of Erementar Gerade this summer! The talented localizers at Mi3 (who previously worked their magic on Attacked on a Tiger’s WhimHe’s Mine, and A Truthful Picture) will be lending their localizing expertise to vol. 13 onwards! While you’re waiting on the new volumes, you can grab the rest of the shonen action at, or cheer on Mi3 at their blog or on twitter!

Apr 20 2012

Check out all this week’s newest digital releases!

  • What? Sensei Nook
  • Erementar Gerade, vol. 8 eManga
  • Erementar Gerade, vol. 9 eManga
  • Itazura na Kiss, vol. 2 COLOR eManga

And because this week was light on releases, take a look at what fellow fans have been saying, in case you want to dig deeper into our catalog of titles!

As a final note! We want our DMG titles in print as much as you guys do! Currently we can only release them digitally, but rest assured we’ve heard the demand for print, and if we can fill said demand we’ll let you know!

Apr 13 2012

A huge selection of the latest DMG titles have also been added to our Android App – download it and check it out for the BEST digital quality DMP has to offer! Here’s the full list of new titles….32 in all!

  • Neck Tie, Again Tomorrow
  • Mad Cinderella
  • The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers
  • A Passion of Oranges
  • The Conqueror’s Chalice
  • An Abandoned Cat’s House
  • Betting My Life With You
  • The Boyfriend Next Door
  • These are the Hungry
  • Son Of The Mimura Family
  • Clumsy Child
  • Newborn Star
  • Sunday’s Child
  • Sadistic Boy
  • The World is Full of Cheating Boyfriends
  • Long Version Vol. 2
  • Touch Blue
  • That Cute Kid is Mine and Mine
  • Renji Jumonji’s Hardship
  • Blooming Darling Vol. 2
  • Knight’s Terms
  • Nazuna Sensei & Kanda Kun
  • Oh, And A Bowl Of Moxa Is Coming
  • Would That Not Be The Case!
  • Want to Depend on You
  • Tweeting Love Birds Vol. 2
  • My Sweet Home
  • Indefinite Sociogram Vol. 1
  • Yuri Sensei Is In A Good Mood Today As Well
  • A Lovely Day With Yuri Sensei
  • Cheap Chase
  • Reset