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Feb 10 2012

(●⌒∇⌒●) The blogosphere was too kind to us this week, and graced our yaoi titles with a whole slew of reviews! Check them out if you’re looking for a new book for the weekend!

Thanks to slightlybiasedmanga, animemiz, COM801, and Squeefinity for the write-ups!

Feb 10 2012

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Come get your manga-geek on! Stop on by MangaNEXT (February 24-26), New Jersey’s most epic manga-centric convention, to get a chance to meet BL mangaka Makoto Tateno (Yellow, Blue Sheep Reverie) and Tomo Maeda (Black Sun Silver Moon, Beyond My Touch). Digital Manga is proud to sponsor this event with a variety of prizes! A few lucky yaoi fans might score one of our books and get them autographed by the artists on the spot, and event attendees could take home a copy of Swallowing the Earth or Replica. Come by and join the fun – we’ll be with you in spirit!

Feb 10 2012

Feb 9 2012

Erementar Gerade

In a partnership with Japanese Publisher Mag Garden, Digital Manga, Inc. is proud to announce the re-licensing of Erementar Gerade, Mayumi Azuma’s hit fantasy manga! Stay tuned for details on the re-release of this exciting adventure tale.

Update (February 10th): The series will be released digitally, under Digital Manga’s DMG imprint!

Feb 9 2012

Kizuna vol. 5 Finder vol. 1

Kizuna vol. 5 and Finder vol. 1 are now available exclusively on Akadot Retail!

Grab yourself a copy today! >> Finder vol. 1 || Kizuna vol. 5

Feb 8 2012

Feb 3 2012
Feb 2 2012

Now available exclusively on Akadot: the much anticipated reprint of Swallowing the Earth as well as the yaoi title Devil’s Infirmary!

Get yourself a copy today!

Swallowing the Earth || Devil’s Infirmary