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Jan 20 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re looking for some weekend reading and want a reason to pick up Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 (or the rest of the VHD series..! (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ ) , Euri from Beyond Eternal has a review of VHD6 here for your reading pleasure!

In other news, DMP is excited to be collaborating with MangaNext, a unique New Jersey convention “tailored toward amateur artists and writers developing their crafts” and their fellow manga fans. If you’re in the area February 24-6th, swing by for a great time getting down and geeky with other manga fans, and say hi to our friends at MangaNext. We’ll be there with you in spirit!

Jan 18 2012

Hey look, it’s the next volume of Haruno Ahiru’s silly-sweet-sexy BL, Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf. How will Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf’s relationship develop?  Find out in the new book, available now only on Akadot Retail and Yaoi Club!

Don’t have volume 1? We’ve got you covered with a discount on the volume 1 + volume 2 bundle. Because we love you.

Jan 18 2012

Osamu Tezuka's Barbara

Everyone at DMP is pumped over the outpouring of support for Tezuka’s Barbara, and it looks like a lot of the blogosphere is as well! The internet tubes have been filled with discussion about Tezuka, Kickstarter, and what Barbara‘s success could mean for the future of manga publishing. Deb Aoki has been covering the project on, and highlights the genius on display in this very un-Astro Boy book. Robot 6 has been covering the pros and cons of crowd sourced publishing that bloggers have expressed, while Japanator outlines how smaller publishing houses could use Kickstarter to fund projects and buck the publishing status quo in the Digital Era.

The process of bringing Barbara to English-speaking Tezuka fans is a great chance to watch the production process for a book from start to finish and really gain some industry insight into the state of “risky” manga in the US — give the articles a once-over, you won’t regret it!

Jan 17 2012

Can you guys believe this?! In less than a week, manga fans everywhere pitched in over $10,000 dollars to our Kickstarter Campaign to translate Osamu Tezuka’s Barbara into English! All of us here at Digital Manga would like to extend our sincerest thanks to twitter users @TezukainEnglish @tweetheart4711 @fschodt @edsizemore @debaoki @Kurisosity @johannadc @mangawidget, and all the bloggers and backers who helped support this project!

If you’re excited about Tezuka and want to hear more, check out DMP’s very own Ben Applegate on the Manga Out Loud podcast as he fields questions and concerns about Barbara and the Kickstarter Project.

One final thanks to everyone – we couldn’t have done it without you! (Really! I don’t have $10,000 to spare!)

Jan 17 2012
Thanks to all your support, the Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 launch party held last Saturday, Jan. 14 was loads of fun and people from afar joined in on the action via livestream video feed, chatting away with fellow fans on the message board! You can check out the pics of the prize winners here. Once again, we send our sincerest gratitude to the Ooples Apparel staff for organizing this glorious event and those who participated!!
Jan 13 2012

Materials to prepare:

Tracing paper

Pen or pencil


Place the tracing paper on top of your rough draft and trace away with either a pen or pencil! It’s important that you use tracing paper because your drawing will be flipped over, later on in the creation process. Why do such a thing? Stay tuned for more!

Back log of past tutorials: Brief Intro / Series Launch / Tools 1 / Tools 2 / Rough Draft

Jan 13 2012
Just wanted to remind everyone that a Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 launch party will be held at the Ooples Apparel store in San Antonio, TX. This epic event starts at 3:00 pm CST tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 14th so if you’re in the vicinity, check it out! For all you who can’t make it, don’t despair because the wonderful staff at Ooples are going to be streaming everything live via webcast!!
It’ll be full of awesome prizes and entertaining contests so make sure you stop by or join the fun at the Ooples livestream channel. Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of VHD6 at AKADOT, while they’re still in stock, and at EMANGA!!
Jan 12 2012
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New, intriguing puzzles available @ Akadot. They’re fun to make and the artwork is beautiful. Frame it and hang it on your wall to spice up your interior decor!