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Mar 29 2011

Starting April 1, the Digital Manga Guild will hold a teleconference every other week at 3pm PDT! This teleconference is open to ALL registered members, regardless of acceptance or grade. We want to chat with you and have open Q&A sessions. Sign-ups are now open for April 1, 15 and 29 at 3pm PDT. We will send you an e-mail reminder at least a day in advance, and look forward to talking to all of you!

Mar 22 2011

Digital Manga Guild

Mar 18 2011

14 new titles have been added to Kindle and 23 new titles have been added to Nook/Nook Color! Read on for the titles and links.

Mar 18 2011

lovephobiaWe are proud to add another shojo title to our DMP family! Announcing Lovephobia (ラヴフォビア) volume 1 by Kokoro Natsume (夏目 ココロ), originally published by Enterbrain. We know there are a lot of vampire stories out there, but we hope your fatigue wears out by the time this comes out. We wouldn’t have licensed this if we didn’t like it, so stay tuned for when we update our Release Schedule.

Mar 15 2011

With the tragedy that has fallen on Japan, Akadot is stepping up and sending our support.

We are offering our Compassion Crane with every donation made on your orders throughout our fundraiser. 100% of the Compassion Crane proceeds will go towards charity.

Also, Akadot will donate 5% of all DMP book sales to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts.

Let’s all pitch in to help out a country in need! Visit the Cranes for Hope page.

Mar 11 2011

It’s March Manga Madness month here at DMI, and our books have arrived a little early at Akadot and Yaoi Club! The fifth volume of Itazura na Kiss is a MUST READ, so many things happen in this volume and it ends in a cliff-hanger. I was on the edge of my seat reading this volume, hoping for the best for Naoki and Kotoko. Also don’t miss the first three of our new DMP titles, the finale of Treasure, and the 2nd novella from the never before published Yellow 2!

Mar 8 2011

The first of FOUR DMP titles just arrived today, Replica volume 1! There’s plenty of action in this series, where crazy Manji must fight these toys called CARDS and protect villages. There are wild elements of Alice in Wonderland thrown in here, so get your copy of this shonen title at Akadot now!

Mar 7 2011

Featuring the techniques of Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun), Oh! Great (Air Gear), and Satoshi Shiki (Kamikaze), this is a must have book for anyone learning how to pen and ink! It’s not easy doing it by hand, and this book covers everything you need to know about nibs and tones. For the month of March, you have a chance to win this book every day for free! Just follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the contest question (around 10am PST), and you have until 5pm PST each day to send in your answers.

For more information on this book, jump to Akadot.