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Nov 29 2010


Coming soon, we will be selling exclusive Vampire Hunter D T-shirts and lithographs! Just in time for the holidays? Read on for more details and images.

Nov 17 2010

Aniplex, Anime News Network and Pop Japan Travel join forces to offer not one, but two free trips to Japan! How, you say? By watching the simulcast of Oreimo and togainu no chi ~Bloody Curs~ on Anime News Network. Keep reading for the press release, or jump right to the ANN site for the full details!

Nov 10 2010

Pop Japan Travel will be at this weekend’s Pacific Media Expo (PMX) from November 12-13 at the Hilton Pasadena Hotel! Not only will they be promoting specialty tours to Japan, they’ll have a small table selling our newest releases along with Akadot and Dream Shoppe items. So don’t feel left out, come by and say hi!

For more information, please visit the PMX and Pop Japan Travel website. Stay-tuned, we’ll have a Yaoi-Con wrap up for y’all soon!

Nov 9 2010

Join today!

Nov 8 2010

Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean we don’t have treats for you! Two new books have hit Akadot today. After a long delay, we finally bring you the conclusion of Kiss Blue. And in a hefty 500+ pages, the omnibus edition of Yashakiden volume 3 can’t be beat!  Stay tuned, there’s more coming your way…

Nov 5 2010

Kotoko is back again in Itazura na Kiss! In this 4th volume, there are hints of aloof Irie having feelings for her, but will he ever come clean? There is a reason why this series is considered a classic, where the humor is just right and the distance between the leading lady and man make you root for their success. Pick up volume 1 today if you haven’t already done so, or read a sample at eManga!

Read on for Knights v.2 and Treasure v.1!

Nov 1 2010

Can you translate, letter, or edit scripts? Do you love manga and want to read more of it? Then we want you to join the Digital Manga Guild! Join our online open platform community today to help bring thousands of untranslated manga to fans everywhere.

We’ve also just launched our brand new Digital Manga Newsletter! You can get the latest news, releases and announcements directly to your in-box. The Newsletter covers all of our imprints, so don’t get left behind and sign-up here today.