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Feb 1 2012
Jan 12 2012
!JAW DROPPING DEAL!: 10% off entire order with minimum $30 purchase.
LIMITED TIME OFFER (01/12/2012~01/16/2012) so don’t miss out!
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New, intriguing puzzles available @ Akadot. They’re fun to make and the artwork is beautiful. Frame it and hang it on your wall to spice up your interior decor!
Jan 12 2012
We are happy to present you with “Black Sun” Vol. 2! It’s an amazing sequel, to say the least, so grab yourself a copy while it’s still hot off the press!!

Buy it @ Akadot Retail!

Jan 9 2012

Check out our newest Yaoi release, Only Serious About You Vol. 2, available now only at Akadot Retail!

Jan 6 2012
Hello Everyone. Just wanted to remind y’all that Sukoshi Con will be held this weekend (Jan. 7-8) in Destin, FL. Many of our books will be featured at the Manga library and we’re providing the prizes for the Yaoi Trivia Contest. Visit their Facebook page for more info.
If you happen to be in the area, stop by and have fun!!
Jan 5 2012

Hey y’all. With the year of the Dragon upon us, it’s time to continue the Anime Cel Art tutorial series! If you missed any of the previous posts, check them out!!

Brief Intro / Series Launch / Tools 1 / Tools 2

Materials to prepare:

Drawing paper

※ Graphite pencil (ranges from the hardest 9H to the softest 9B, so use the one that suits you best)


※ To be quite frank, there’s not much to it. Just draw whatever it is that strikes your fancy and be creative! The canvas is only limited by your imagination!

The next tutorial will focus on the “Clean Copy” production phase and this is where the tracing paper comes in handy. Why? Well, find out on the next post.

Dec 29 2011
Dec 28 2011

Greetings! Proudly announcing our collaboration with Sukoshi Con, a Convention that prides itself on being comprised of real fans of Anime/Manga and its culture, which will be held on Jan. 7-8 in Destin, FL.

Our books will be featured in their Manga library and a super-fun Yaoi Trivia Contest sponsored by the one & only DMI will take place (awesome prizes), so if you happen to be in the area, stop by & enjoy!

For the ones fortunate enough to be in Florida while everybody’s enduring the cold weather, we have a special offer for y’all. The wonderful people at Sukoshi Con generously provided you guys/gals with an exclusive discount code: $5 off your membership pass! Just click here and enter the promotional code: dmpdestin

Stay tuned for further updates regarding Sukoshi Con!!