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Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean we don’t have treats for you! Two new books have hit Akadot today. After a long delay, we finally bring you the conclusion of Kiss Blue. And in a hefty 500+ pages, the omnibus edition of Yashakiden volume 3 can’t be beat!  Stay tuned, there’s more coming your way…

Yashakiden: The Demon Princess Vol.3 Omnibus (novel) – DMP

Hideyuki Kikuchi

The immortal vampire gang led by “Princess”—Kikiou, Ryuuki and Shuuran—is slowly but inexorably taking over Demon City Shinjuku. Its citizens and the administration alike are turning into vampires. Mephisto has apparently allied himself with them of his own accord. Setsura Aki stands alone on the brink of extinction, tested by one desperate counterattack after the next. Intending to snuff out his life once and for all, Princess unleashes the self-regenerating Kazikli Bey (better known abroad as Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula). Meanwhile, concerned about the worsening state of affairs in Shinjuku, a team of foreign legionnaires—Special Forces Operational Detachment “F”—is dispatched to Demon City. This Medusa of a supernatural face-off has grown another head. The confusion deepens and Shinjuku’s fate hangs in the balance. But what is Mephisto really up to? Hideyuki Kikuchi’s long-awaited new chapter in the bestselling Yashakiden fantasy series!

Kiss Blue vol. 2 – Juné

Keiko Kinoshita

It’s safe to call them opposites. Noda is a noncommittal playboy, while Tomosaka is the caring, sensitive type. Still, they have been best friends for the longest time. But when an incident between them blurs the lines of friendship, Tomosaka anxiously hides his feelings away, desperate to preserve his friendship with Noda. Both know that things can’t go back the way they were before, but Noda’s idea of moving forward is causing tremendous pain to Tomosaka. Kiss Blue explores the place where friendship ends and love begins. This stirring and sensitive masterpiece by Keiko Kinoshita concludes in this second volume.

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