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For those of  you who have been loyally following Ze, the latest volume has finally come out! How will the relationship between Moriya and Ryuusei evolve?? With hot guys, steamy action, we hope volume six of this series is as satisfying for you as it was for us.

Not just that, there were four other books released this week, so happy Friday indeed~!

Ze vol. 6 – 801 Media

Yuki Shimizu

When innocent young Youji is violently attacked on his walk home by a vindictive psychopath, Ryuusei can’t help but blame himself for not protecting the boy. As he falls into an abyss of grief and frustration, he pushes his Kami servant Moriya away and refuses to use Kotodama. Will Moriya be able to help Ryuusei claw his way back into the light of day, or has their bond been destroyed forever?

With beautiful artwork, we hope this will perfect your collection after a long work week ^_^

A Bloody Kiss Tonight – Juné

Makoto Tateno

While delivering flowers for his part-time job, Riku finds himself at a strange mansion inhabited by three beautiful (and otherworldly) young men. Though he escapes with his life, Riku is soon plagued by vicious nightmares: visions of cold fingers stroking his body, and kisses so deadly that he might be devoured whole! Does the beautiful-yet-demonic master of the mansion hold the secret to this strange turn of events?

Another sure hit from Tateno-sensei as she forays into the world of vampires. And don’t worry, these vampires have a bite that will leave you hungering for more.

Endless Comfort – Juné

Sakuya Sakura

On the two-year anniversary of the death of his mother, Masaki Kuzumi returns to the beautiful manor home where she once lived. There, he meets the kind, devoted dog trainer Yuu Kanai and instantly responds to the younger man’s sweet nature…but something behind Yuu’s smile hints at a secret darkness that Kuzumi knows all too well. Can these two men band together and shine the light of forgiveness on all of their past regrets?

Sakuya Sakura’s men are quite handsome, but she’s very good drawing dogs too! This was an interesting story in how Masaki has always taken comfort in his dogs, and how Sakuya-sensei handled Yuu’s dark past.

Deeply Loving a Maniac – 801 Media

You Higashino

The story of Morita, an “otaku” whose perverted fantasies about his dearly beloved boyfriend Sakura, keep him with a bloody nose day in and day out. While Morita loves Sakura with a passion that only a true “otaku” can muster, he can’t bring himself to tell Sakura that his only hobby is “Sakura” himself! In order to get Sakura to fall for him all over again, Morita pledges to do everything in his power and become an “irresistible man.” With never before published bonus material, this book will have your “otaku” gauge at full throttle from start to finish.

What’s a week of releases without something super steamy! While this is actually the sequel (we aren’t releasing the prequel), the story stands alone and the content inside the shrink wrap is worth it! The relationship between Morita and Sakura is certainly one hot mess, especially with Sakura trying to understand Morita’s super “otaku” ways.

Alice the 101st v.2 – Doki Doki

Chigusa Kawai

Cute but fumbling Alice is up to his ears in homework and half-remembered melodies, but with a crucial concert only days away, he has no other option than to team up for tutelage with…his would-be rival Max?! Sure, Alice’s performance of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” isn’t expected to bring the audience to their feet, but he just may find a shimmering secret deep within its familiar notes!

Wrapping up the long list of releases is Alice the 101st! Highly enjoyable and a very cute story, it’s interesting to see if the underdog Alice can make it amongst the geniuses in this music academy! If you haven’t picked up the first volume yet, then give it a shot. It’s a page-turning comedy that you won’t regret.

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5 Responses to “The wait is over!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hmm I’m curious: is the prequel for Deeply Loving a Maniac too explicit or something to be released?

  2. Oliver Says:

    Deeply Loving A Maniac is out already?? I don’t think so. has a release date of Feb. 8 and it’s listed as TBA on the DMI website.

  3. admin Says:

    Thank you for pointing that out! It’s been corrected on the DMI site, and is already out and available for sale at For various reasons, we’re not sure yet when it will be available on Amazon and other stores.

  4. Ernie Says:

    I think when 801 Media stop their announcement release schedule… I totally lost and stuck… which manga still on going or not interested anymore to publish especially Ze vol06 and above… I already collect volume 1 till 5 but now… there is no announcement when the volume 6 will be release. It goes to other manga, Hey Class President.


  5. Maribel Says:

    what a shame that you wont be releasing the other volumes of Loving a Maniac =(
    and as Ernie said, we also want the other volumes of Class President

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