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Digital Manga Inc. Starts the New Year With a Bang: Alabaster to be Crowd Funded


(GARDENA, CA) It’s a whole new year, and to start off 2015, Digital Manga Inc. (DMI) is excited to announce their next World Tezuka campaign with the much anticipated title, Alabaster. The series is darker than Tezuka’s usual fare, and with a total of 2 volumes, the series is set to release on September 2015.


James Block was once a famous athlete, but one day when he confesses his love to the actress he dated at the time, she insults him for his appearance, infuriating him. In a burst of rage, he lunges for her but is then arrested for assault. While incarcerated, he meets a mad scientist who invented the F Laser that has the capabilities to turn any carbon based organism invisible. When James finishes his prison term, he finds the F Laser and turns it on himself. However, the imperfect laser beam leaves him disfigured with only his skin invisible. On a vicious revenge spree, he takes the nom de guerre of Alabaster and kidnaps Ami, the granddaughter of the mad scientist he met in prison who experimented on his pregnant daughter that left her invisible. Together, they commit various heinous crimes, but Ami’s desire for love and acceptance may cause Alabaster’s downfall … .

Written in a dark period of Tezuka’s life, Alabaster is a thriller suspense revenge story that touches on the dark side of humanity and the extent one would go to get even. It shows that not only does it affect the victims, but how destructive it is to be surrounded by such animosity. Recommended for older teens and up.

In this masterpiece, Osamu Tezuka digs up a very sinful & contorted human psyche that everyone has deep inside of themselves and presents it in such a way that you would want to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Do I have this evil side in me?” – Hikaru Sasahara, President of DMI

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