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It’s been a busy week, but first I’m sure there are plenty of you waiting on more print titles — never fear, Ze, vol. 7 will see an early pre-sale at the end of this month, and eighth and final volume of The Tyrant Falls in Love will be headed to pre-sale at the end of June. We can’t wait to get them into your hands! And if you still haven’t finished off Ai no Kusabi, head on over to Akadot to grab the final volume, guaranteed to please every longsuffering fujoshi!

In the digital realm we’re bringing you four great titles — the second installment of Takako Shimura’s sweet and melancholy Happy-Go-Lucky Days, Help! God of Love, a fluffy little BL number starring one fiery tsundere, the cute 4-koma title Yumeichi, and finally Body Guard, a yaoi so hot it made our interns blush — for real! Can’t decide on just one book? Never fear: we’re giving away free books! Just follow our twitter account, @emangadotcom, before Friday, May 10th for your chance to win a free eManga title! We’ll bring you up-to-the-minute updates on all the new eManga titles, along with more prizes, promotions, and fun in the future, so don’t miss out!

And finally, on a different note: Several of our yaoi titles have been removed from our Amazon Kindle store due to “inappropriate content.” While we investigate the matter, Kindle owners can still purchase these titles from in a Kindle-compatible file format. Don’t know how to get the file onto your device? Look here on our eManga FAQ for a handy how-to!

Currently, the banned titles are as follows: Yokan – Premonition vol.1, Author’s Pet, Sadistic Boy, Mourning Dinner Party, The Spiral of Sand, Spider, Ice Eagle, Fire Hawk, Honey*Smile, Love Makes Everything Right, Shameful Body, Rose and Savage, and Flame of the Tropical Butterfly.

Click the banned title to find it on eManga — because no one should stand between a yaoi fan and their manga! Looking for the new releases this week? Click the jump to see more!

Body Guard: Takahiro’s normal life as a high school student gets turned on its head when his father marries a super rich Hollywood actress named, Elizabeth Adley, and leaves Japan to be with her. Takahiro is forced to leave his apartment home move into a lavish hotel room. Fantasies of naked nights of porn and debauchery begin to fill Takahiro’s mind. Too bad his new mother in law has other plans.

In order to protect Takahiro (and her money) from kidnappings, Elizabeth hires two bodyguards from a distinguished American company. Any thoughts of unsupervised nights of fun quickly rush from Takahiro’s mind. On the up side, his new bodyguards are totally cool.

Will this be the end of his life, or a new beginning? Will he fall for the cool looking Yuuji? What will happen during Takahiro’s Nichome debut? The answers to all these questions, and a special continuation chapter, in Kimiyoshi’s erotic tale of a reluctant new prince and his knights in black suits. Sometimes you just have to relax and let things work themselves out.

Happy-Go-Lucky Days, vol. 2:A woman finds herself crying in a bathroom as she watches her high school girlfriend exchange vows with a man—but a chance encounter may help things turn out better than she thinks. Meanwhile, a boy teeters on the brink of puppy love, no thanks to his meddling, A.V. actress of a cousin, and two wayward spirits, unable to touch the world around them, try to forge bonds with the people who can see them. The world may seem a little melancholy, but things just might come up roses in these eight sweet, sexy, and subtle vignettes by Takako Shimura.
Help! God of Love: It’s been two years since Naoto left Daichi alone. Daichi, filled with remorse, promised himself he would never again fall in love. But when Naoto returns, Daichi finds himself overflowing with emotions. Is it love? Is it hate? Is it possible to walk down the stairs backwards with your eyes closed? The answers to these questions and more lie hidden deep within the pages of Tsukiko Kurebayashi’s tale of romance rekindled. Sometimes, the only person you can rely on is the God of Love.
Yumeichi: This is the daily life story of Ren, a 8th grade school girl, and her teacher, Hasumi.
Their ordinary but unusual days are happy and cheerful!

6 Responses to “The Weekly Digital Round-Up: Banned Titles, Oh My!”

  1. sevi Says:

    I don’t know what the heck Amazon is thinking. Clearly they don’t have the same issues with explicit heterosexual titles. And Sadistic Boy has been on Kindle for a long time. Why do they suddenly have an issue with it now? I’m just glad they’re not doing this with Nook titles.

  2. e__ Says:

    Can I ask what happened to Hidaka Shouko’s Does The Flower Bloom? It was supposed to come out this summer and now it’s not even listed at the site anymore. I was so happy when I found there would be a print ver. and it was the title I was looking forward the most.

  3. admin Says:

    Hi there, we’re rescheduling the release for this title at the moment! When we have a new date, it’ll return to the release schedule!

  4. e__ Says:

    Thank you for your reply! I’m looking forward for the update!

  5. angua Says:

    I pre-ordered Ze vol7 last July (and even vol8 in March…) so presale doesn’t interest me, when can I and the others like me can expect this title since your “schedule” is pretty much empty?!

  6. admin Says:

    September 25th is thel retail release date for Ze vol. 7

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