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This week’s digital round-up brings Hideyuki Kikuchi and shojo fans their fix with digital editions of Yashakiden, Maohden, Demon City Shinjuku (the complete city, not just a Demon City suburb), and Planet Ladder! Happy reading!

2 Responses to “The Weekly Digital Round-Up!”

  1. sevi Says:

    How am I not surprised? Nothing again this week. You know if you really hate us yaoi
    fans so much why not just tell us we aren’t going to get anymore downloads. I’m seriously
    getting tired of waiting just to repeatedly be given the shaft in favor of your shojo readers.
    Utter crap. I can’t believe I went out of my way to defend your company when Amazon
    wanted to get rid of your books. This is super lame DMG!

  2. Triston S. Says:

    I’m a HUGE Hideyuki Kikuchi fan!!!! THANKS!

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