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Is Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos? The Tyrant Falls in Love pits a research superstar “against” his smitten assistant and watches as they frolic and fight their way through a truly combustible relationship! Every couple encounters a speed bump or two on the road to bliss…but what happens when you can’t stop hitting the brakes?

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One Response to “The Tyrant Falls in Love, vol. 7 Now Available on Akadot!”

  1. sevi Says:

    Seriously. When are we going to get anymore digital yaoi. You’ve supposedly got some massive number
    of books but there was only one yaoi put out this month and three shojo. Plus the one yaoi you put out wasn’t even in the weekly listing. I had to find out from a third hand source that it even existed. I thought digital downloading was the”future” of the industry.

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