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Look at what arrived in the office today! A small shipment of advance copies of several new titles, including three series enders. Check it out:


There are a total of five books:

  • (DMP) Flower of Life Vol. 4 – Fumi Yoshinaga (end of series)
  • (Juné) Il gatto sul G Vol. 3 – Tooko Miyagi (end of series)
  • (Juné) Shining Moon – Sakurako Hanafubuki (end of Junior Escort series)
  • (Juné) Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol. 4 – Satoru Kannagi & Hotaru Odagiri
  • (801 Media) Hey, Class President! Vol. 2 – Kaori Monchi

The picture above also shows some of the freebies you can get if you pick up all of the books as a package from Akadot Retail! We only have a limited number for now, so get your copies while you can. Some of these books are scheduled for June or July, so this is your chance to read them before anyone else! You also get them for a discounted price!

Don’t miss out!

8 Responses to “New Books Are In! Flower of Life, Il Gatto, OTRFK, and more”

  1. Pei Says:

    HIHI! can i know how much does a set cost and is there shipping to singapore? (:

    btw are they all in english?


  2. admin Says:

    The set is $62, and yes, we do ship to Singapore. The books are all in English.

    Check the Akadot Retail link:

  3. theresa Says:

    hi guy love the new website . and thank for keeping me up with the new updates

  4. mike Says:

    love da new website. when will b da book 2 n 3(manga)version of only ring finger know will come?(eng). let me know pls. thank you

  5. Alli Says:

    I loved this package, it is nice to get the books so early, and I am so addicted to the novels, I can never get enough. I was forced to go back and start reading my old ones a second time, because I ran out, so I was happy to get OTRFK early.

  6. Amber Says:

    I’m so happy to see that the conclusion of Ill gatto Sul G is finally being published! I found this series what seems like ages ago and have been waiting to see what happens next! The same goes to OTRFK…now I just need to go back and refresh myself on all the novels. Can’t wait to read the new releases!

  7. seraimes Says:

    I actually already ordered mine on Amazon. I’m still waiting for Il Gatto to be release so that they would ship all my stuff. I can’t wait to finish Flower of Life and Il Gatto.

  8. Ardiane Says:

    May I know when the vol5 of OTRFK will be pubblished?

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