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i120962Presenting Digital Manga’s newest license, Junko’s Konbini-kun/Mr. Mini Mart! The book will be released in PRINT only!

NEET shut-in Endou just wants to get his life back on track, but employment at a convenience store brings the rude Yamai Kouhei into his life…soon Endou finds himself troubled by his past and trying to get along with Yamai.

12 Responses to “New License: Mr. Mini Mart by Junko”

  1. Mary S. Says:

    This looks like fun. :)

  2. luci Says:

    more Junko!

  3. Riket Says:

    YES! I have so many feelings right now I don’t know what to do with myself. THANK YOU.

  4. sys Says:

    Great!! finally my favourite Junko’s manga :D

  5. Jessie J Says:

    OMG i love you DMP thanks so much for getting this licensed!! cant wait for this to be released!!!!!

  6. Maru Says:

    I’ll read any manga about konbini.

  7. Enolive Says:

    thank you!!! i’m sooo happy – it is going to be in print and i’m looking forward to adding it to my library. can’t wait! thank you DMP for licensing it. you rock!


  8. Tis Says:

    I really like Junko’s works. And this is one of my favourites.

  9. May of Teck Says:

    Ah, yes: a welcome addition. Releasing when?

  10. tsukimori Says:

    wooot more junko stuff nice

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  12. Michelle Says:

    OMG i love Junko!!!!! So happy. This manga is so cute XD

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