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This is Mallow the Twitter Contest Lion, and next Monday (April 9th), we’re giving away all the pieces of his manga throne to our twitter followers! Want to win? Here’s how:

On Monday, starting at 11AM PST, we’ll be posting pictures every half hour to our twitter account. The first person to email preview[AT] and identify the item in the picture wins a prize! It’s not as easy as it sounds….we had our employees draw the pictures with their left hands.

We’ve got books, points, and book SETS to give away, so follow @digitalmanga on twitter and prepare for giveaway madness on Monday!

PS: To give everyone a chance, you can only win ONCE. :) Thanks!

2 Responses to “Win Manga on Monday, April 9th”

  1. Erika Ochoa Says:

    Concerning the Twitter Contest being held April 9th, what email are we suppose to send the identified picture to?
    Please ant thank you.

  2. luci Says:

    do we get a consolation prize?

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