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Due to the events that transpired on Thursday, March 15th we were prepared for the worst. But thanks to the massive outpouring of fan support protesting Kindle’s illogical censorship policies and flimsy guidelines, Digital Manga’s Kindle account was restored in record time. We had expected an uphill battle, but manga fans and advocates of equal rights made their voices heard and Amazon realized how loud you all can be. This morning, we received this email:

Hello [DMP],

Thank you for your email concerning the status of your account.

After reviewing your response, we have reinstated your account and we will once again accept your books for possible publication.

Please be advised that all of your submissions must comply with our Content Guidelines for publishing in the Kindle Store and that your future submissions may be subject to additional review prior to being published. This may result in a delay in publishing.

If any future submissions fail to comply with our Content Guidelines, your account may be terminated.

If you would like to review our Content Guidelines, please visit:

Best regards,

Again, we extend our biggest, most heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped raise awareness of the issue and to everyone who spoke out against Amazon.

5 Responses to “TGIF: Kindle Account Restored”

  1. luci Says:

    It’s great you guys got your account back but it feels like amazon will pull this same shit again as soon as they feel they are able. Plus, I hate the fact you have to censor your releases just because Amazon is the big guy in campus. Please, bring us alternatives where the titles are not being censored.

  2. admin Says:

    luci, thank you for the feedback – we definitely hope to break away from reliance on Amazon and are exploring alternatives in light of recent events.

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